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January 2020

  • Mains Recipes Soups

    Smoky Black Bean Chili

    I love a good chili. It’s not only a dish that is easy to make, but also very tasty – and healthy, too, thanks to lots of beans, tofu, spices, and…

  • Breakfast Recipes

    Banana Pancakes

    What do you do when you have some bananas lying around that are getting browner and browner, but don’t actually like bananas all that much and also are currently painfully missing…

  • Mains Recipes

    White Pizza With Mushrooms & Spinach

    Pizza doesn’t have to be anything fancy to make me happy. But then again, it’s nice to have a change from the regular tomato-based sauce and experiment with different flavors. That’s…

  • Recipes Soups

    Spiced Red Lentil Dal

    Is there anything more satisfying than cozying up with a hot bowl of delicious soup on a cold night? Well, maybe there is, but eating this Spiced Red Lentil Dal is…